Get up to 8% cashback on all spend, 12% p.a. interest, free Airport Lounge Pass, Amazon Prime, Netflix, Spotify — and quite a lot more…

[Article updated on 3rd May 2021]

Ruby Steel and Jade Green MCO Visa Debit Cards from

In this article, I will tell you:

  • How to find the right card, based on your monthly spend and requirements
  • How to make additional money from the card
  • How to add additional features that aren’t natively supported
  • How to get the card

For more information about the card, please refer to the official guide by

What is the Visa Debit Card?

Direct advice with links, for getting UK based products and services at the lowest prices

[Article updated on 19th April 2021]

A plant growing from a glass filled with coins.
A plant growing from a glass filled with coins.
Photo by Micheile Henderson on Unsplash

In this article, I will tell you:

  • How to get the best prices for items you want
  • How to make savings passively
  • How to invest money to build wealth
  • How to optimise your spend and saving processes

I only link to products and services I use myself.

Note: None of this is investment advice, always do your own research.

Get cashback automatically, when you spend on your existing debit or credit card.

[Updated on 19th April 2021]

Photo by Bianca Lucas on Unsplash

In this article, I will tell you:

  • 4 ways to gain passive cashback with your current debit/credit cards
  • How to simplify your card management

What is Passive Cashback?

Passive cashback is where you get cashback without any additional effort/actions when you use your existing debit or credit card at certain retailers.

Getting Passive Cashback

  • All 4 of the providers can be used collaboratively (AirTime Rewards, Quidco, TopCashback, KidStart)
  • Earning cashback is automated, with no effort required per purchase
  • You will…

An overview of the Exchange and its features, including earning CRO at 20% interest pa

In this article, I will tell you

  • The difference between centralised and decentralised exchanges
  • How you can make additional money with associated features on the exchange (staking, Syndicate and Supercharger)
  • How good the exchange is for trading and what type of trading is available
  • Why you can trust with your money
  • How you can register an account on the exchange

What is the the Exchange?

Exchanges are where you exchange currencies — e.g. from fiat to cryptocurrency (e.g. US Dollar to Bitcoin) or from one cryptocurrency to another (e.g. …

Get a decent 10% saving at top retailers worldwide, then buy gifts cards from them (e.g. Amazon gift cards)

Edit: This offer was originally from May — June 2020, but has been extended to September 2020!


  • In retailers such as Tesco or Sainsbury’s, you can purchase Amazon gift cards, effectively getting them at a 10% discount
  • This saving is only available until 30th…

I have experimented with GPU based mining on AWS, but haven’t found any methods where I can get the hashrate at anywhere near a decent speed (even with using the custom GPU type EC2 instances).

So I am now looking at using an AWS EC2 instance to mine a cryptographic currency on a CPU basis. Initially I will test using an on-demand EC2 instance, but would like to switch to using a spot instance (probably several spot instances), to reduce my costs.

Last night, I experimented with mining Verium.

These are the Megahash rates that I was getting (all on…

Yesterday, I wrote this article, based on information provided someone I trust, who has partnered with BitConnect to provide education on the platform. This video has since been removed and they have created a second video to apologise for the incorrect information in the first video and has provided new, correct information.

The summary is that BitConnect are reimbursing people at a fixed rate of 363.62 USD, however they are paying this in BitConnectCoin (BCC), not in BitCoin. As the value of BCC has dropped significantly on external exchanges (it went as low at $5.93 and is currently at…

Updated on 18th January:

I based the content of this article on information provided (in the video I linked to) by one of the BitConnect educators. This morning, the same person released a second video, to say that some of the information that they provided was incorrect.
I have written a new article, to provide new information.

BitConnect have ended their lending program and produced a written statement (see screenshot below):

The statement could have been written better, but has been well explained in this video:

To summarise:

  • The lending program is one of their services, their other 3 core services will continue
  • Everyone who had money on lend (or in the lending wallet), will get their money back (their loans, plus interest earned)
  • People have up to 5 days to withdraw this, at a fixed rate of 363.62 USD, after which the rate will be variable (it’s…

Note: Unfortunately, BitConnect ended their lending service on 16th January 2018. See my article for details:

The Article Explains:

  • What the BitConnect lending program is
  • How to lend with BitCoin to receive interest. This includes how to set up security, how to purchase BitCoin, how to lend/re-invest and how to release your profits (back into your chosen currency, BitCoin or other Cryptocurrencies)

Why Invest with BitConnect?

BitConnect allows you to invest money for a period of time (120 days to 299 days depending in your lending amount), for an average of over 0.94% per day (based on the current six month moving average).

On top of the daily return (which fluctuates), you can earn…

In this post, I will explain how I store and spend Cryptocurrencies, in a secure, efficient, reliable and easy to use manner.

The way I store and use money is typical of most people:

  • Storage for Long-Term saving

This table shows how I handle these actions with conventional money and Cryptocurrency:

Explanation of Hot Wallets, Cold Storage and Private Keys

The 3 things you have to keep in mind when thinking about storing your Crypto Currencies are:

  • Hot Wallets
  • Cold Storage
  • Private Keys

The Hot Wallets and Cold Storage are used to store your Cryptocurrency in a secure manner. You should do these in conjunction with taking ownership of the Private…

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